ELME Automatika

ELME Automation was founded in 1991. Our main activity is the design and production of product-specific devices, special machines, assembly lines, and testing devices.
The volume of our projects includes from elaboration of the suitable technology to the handing over of the turn-key systems.

We have wide experience in the field of production- and assembly technology, the measurement and data acquisition of mechanic and electric features, vision systems as well as marking of parts. Our references can be found in multinational companies working on the field of assembly and production of the plastic, electronic, engineering and automobile industry.

Special machines
Special machines
  • assembly machines
  • machine tools
  • screwdriver machines
  • punching and blanking tools
Vision inspection systems
Vision systems
  • Component identification
  • Test mark control
  • Component position and orientation control
  • EOL testing
  • Color and light intensity testing of LED-s
  • Control of manual operations
Assembly lines
Assembly lines
  • Transport with conveyors or workpiece carriers
  • Complete manufacturing lines
  • Automatic loading, assembly and test stations
  • Additional stations for existing lines
  • Elevators and turning modules
Test machines and measuring technique
Test machines and measuring technique
  • In-Circuit (ICT) test
  • Funktion (FCT) test
  • Switching force/path test
  • Optical check
  • End-of-line (EOL) testing
  • Torque testing
  • Acceleration testing